Kabsule is an innovative social lifestyle app which allows users to schedule messages with desired time and location. Users can set a time and/or location for each message, where recipients can unlock when and where it was prescheduled. Another unique feature of Kabsule is its life kabsule feature, where users can leave messages, photos, videos, and audio to their loved ones in case anything happens.

The idea behind Kabsule came about when one of our co-founders discovered his illness concerning the heart, one which would affect his much loved family. Through Kabsule, our team hopes that what we envisioned and created can help people build lasting bonds with their friends, family, and loved ones, leaving precious, timeless memories they can revisit and reminisce in the future.

Unlike traditional instant messaging where speed is expected and often demanded, we would like to bring genuine care and concern to the forefront of our daily communication through Kabsule.

Dennis, Co-founder of Kabsule

Kabsule’s mission is to connect people deeper through a unique messaging experience, one deeply rooted in the exchange of the sincerest and most profound emotions from the heart.

Stephen, Co-founder of Kabsule

Thank you for listening to our story :)

We hope we can help connect you with your friends, family & loved ones deeper.
Today. Tomorrow. Always.